Pros and Cons of Document Sharing Online

Document Sharing Online

In this article, you will find answers to the most common questions about online file sharing including its main functions, DocuSign transaction room pricing, possible risksand other useful details related to this subject.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Document Sharing Online 

File sharing became one of the most popular and practical methods of document transactions. Moreover, it provides a lot of other benefits that are impossible if you are using physical transactions. For example, many people can open the file at one time. Moreover, its owner can either limit some permissions or make it wider. Nowadays, every company should be familiar with its pros to receive more usefulness from such an opportunity. 

Benefits of Document Sharing Online:

  • It’s the quickest way to send any file or data. The recipient will immediately receive it.
  • The sender may edit the document even if it is already uploaded. It’s not only an opportunity to correct mistakes, but also a good feature to prevent the availability of several versions of one file.
  • Such transactions are free or very cheap comparing with the physical sending of documents.
  • The data stays in the server storage, so it won’t be deleted or crashed by any circumstances. Users can download it an unlimited number of times.
  • The access to a file may be assigned by its owner. Thus, some users can only read it, some can read and translate, some can download it, and so on.

The benefits are prevailing the drawbacks. However, there are some points of file sharing which are negative.

Drawbacks of Document Sharing Online:

  • It’s pretty easy for someone who is allowed to download a document to use it in their objectives. So, the risk of plagiarism is getting higher.
  • Another possible outcome of the previous circumstances is that private data can be shared publicly. 
  • It requires a good Internet connection. If it’s poor, all the processes would be very slow.
  • Some services with not up-to-date Security systems maybe not be protected enough and face a virus attack.

What Electronic Agreements Managing Organization to Choose

There are a lot of sites offering functions to manage and share documents. Nevertheless, it’s pretty hard to choose the best as their conditions of offered services vary. Sometimes the range of opportunities is not wide enough, another time the prices are unjustifiably large. In this way, DocuSign is a company with reasonable pricing and high-quality services. The company has received much positive feedback from its customers and constantly updates its functions and security.

It provides:

  • Personal account for $10 per month. Using it, customers get all the basic possibilities such as send a limited amount of documents, collect the mane information from a signer, and mobile access.
  • Standard account for $25 per month. The list of available features adds some more possibilities as accessibility for five users, sending an unlimited number of files, setting notifications, adding brand features and comments.
  • Business Pro accounts for $40 per month. It adds collecting payments, creating advanced fields to work more conveniently, allows signer attachments and bulk send.